Historical Building Conservation

Do you have a historical, Grade I or Grade II-listed property that is in need of maintenance or conservation assistance? At MC Property Maintenance, we understand the need for a considered and gentle approach when it comes to historic building conservation which is why several of our services are specifically designed to protect older properties.


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What Historic Property Maintenance Do You Provide?

At MC Property Maintenance we offer a variety of services that will assist in your need for the maintenance and conservation of a heritage building.

We specialise in:

  • Zero Chemical DOFF Cleaning services
  • High Access platforms
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Chimney Flue Maintenance

How Do We Safely Clean Historic Building Brickwork?

Modern cleaning chemicals are great for removing dirt and grime from robust materials but when dealing with a historical property they can be abrasive and cause irreversible harm to the brickwork. Instead, we provide a chemical-free cleaning solution that uses steam for a less abrasive approach

Known as DOFF Cleaning, we gently apply steam at a high heat to stone and masonry using low levels of water to remove grime, dirt and even graffiti. As the pressure of this type of steam cleaning is so low it avoids causing damage through thermal shock or deep saturation, ensuring continued historic building conservation.

What About Bacteria Removal?

Our DOFF cleaning system is also perfectly capable of safely removing a build-up of bacteria such as moss or algae. Over several years, bacteria can ‘settle into’ the brickwork of listed buildings and conservation area properties but the fear of damaging the original material means it is just left to keep growing.

These tiny organisms are commonly algae, lichen or moss and they naturally grow on the shady side of a property or residence. We can help not only safely remove bacteria but kill off any lingering spores which would otherwise see it quickly return. This ensures that heritage buildings are conserved and restored to their former glory but also that they are safe to be near and people won’t be breathing in mould or spore.

Roof & Chimney Clearance Services For Old Buildings

Whether you own or manage a listed building, it’s important to maintain the roof and chimney flues regularly. We can help support your need for high-access maintenance through our cherry picker hire, which can be self-hired or we can provide a skilled operative to assist with your needs.

Our chimney flue maintenance service helps ensure vintage fireplaces are kept clear of debris to improve ventilation and reduce the risk of moisture building up in an unused chamber. In addition, we provide roof surveys as part of our maintenance services, which can be completed sympathetically and considerately to meet the specific needs of your property.

Period Window Cleaning & Maintenance

Your historic home may have a lot of windows at different levels that need attention to keep it looking its best. We can help with high-access window cleaning thanks to our access platform services and we also provide painting and decorating services for those touch-ups that help protect your property from the elements.