Bird Prevention Systems

MC Property Maintenance provides bird prevention systems in the South East for clients who have problems with heavy infestations.


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Why Use MC Property Maintenance

Bird spikes are an inexpensive way of preventing perching birds from landing on most surfaces at your commercial property. The multi-angled design deters birds from landing in the first place, moving them on without hurting them, making the spikes an effective yet ethical solution.

Based in Bognor Regis and serving clients across the South East, including London, Kent, Hertfordshire, Dorset, Sussex, Hampshire and further afield, MC Property Maintenance specialises in providing high-quality property maintenance solutions to all our clients. Offering a number of high-level access platforms and painting and decorating services, our knowledgeable team draws from local experience in order to provide all clients with a personalised service. Whatever your concern or issue, the MC Property Maintenance team have the experience needed to help you.

Many of our highly trained operatives are IPAF qualified and able to operate high-level access platforms such as cherry pickers and are qualified builders and roofers, ensuring the safety and security of your property. Where bird prevention systems in the South East are concerned, MC Property Maintenance offers effective solutions designed to prevent perching birds from landing on any surface.