Property maintenance essentials for the New Year

The beginning of the year is a good time to carry out essential maintenance on your property. Harsh winter weather can result in a range of issues from loose roof tiles to damp that should be addressed promptly. Scheduling annual checks of areas such as smoke alarms, guttering and pipes means these tasks won’t be forgotten as the calendar gets busier. This allows you to head into the New Year confident that your property is in the best condition possible.

The easiest way to ensure your property is properly maintained all year round is to leave it to a professional maintenance company. Our experienced team can handle all the tiresome tasks that otherwise fall to you as the owner. This includes everything from painting & decorating to chimney flue maintenance and gutter cleaning. What’s more, our cherry pickers are just the right specialist equipment required to access even the trickiest of areas, meaning we can take care of any problems quickly and efficiently without bothering our clients.

Whether you choose to use our services or carry on maintaining your property yourself, there are certain tasks that should be prioritised as we head towards spring. While it may seem daunting to get to grips with gutters, peeling paintwork and the like, these chores are essential in warding off more costly damage and keeping a property running smoothly all year round. So, let’s look at the main areas that should be tackled in the first few months of the year.

Boiler servicing

Gas and oil boilers should be serviced annually to ensure they are running safely and efficiently. While it is tempting to overlook this task, not getting your boiler serviced makes faults more likely and could lead to more costly repairs later down the line. What’s more, a boiler that isn’t running as well as it could be may be costing you more in fuel bills. If you rent out your property then it is a legal requirement that you have the boiler and flue system serviced annually.

Clear guttering

It’s another unappealing job but clogged gutters can lead to a variety of problems from damp all the way up to damage to your roof, so it is well worth finding time to clear them.  If you plan to take on the task yourself, you will need a long ladder and a bucket. Work your way slowly around the perimeter of your property scooping out the debris with gloved hands or a trowel. A ‘plumber’s snake’ – a thin flexible tool that is fed into a pipe until it meets resistance – can be useful to deal with any blockages. Rotate the snake to break up the clog, repeating a few times if necessary. Too much hassle? MC Property Maintenance specialise in gutter cleaning and maintenance across Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

Roof repairs

Winter winds and heavy rain can take their toll on our roofs. Failing to deal with minor repair work can quickly escalate into a more serious problem. And with the average cost of replacing a roof currently ranging from £3,000 to upwards of £18,000 according to Checkatrade, this can prove a costly mistake. Keep an eye out for missing tiles, broken flashing and areas that appear to be drooping or sagging. If possible, get into the loft space and check the interior for any gaps, holes or signs of damp. For total peace of mind – especially if you haven’t checked over your roof in a while – it can be worth commissioning a roof survey. We carry these out with the aid of cherry pickers which give us access to even the steepest of pitches and allow us to conduct a thorough assessment.

Deep Cleaning

If your patio is covered in moss or the masonry on the front of your property is dingy, treating them to a proper clean can be transformative. DOFF Steam Cleaning is a gentle but effective method that provides an exceptionally deep clean. It uses hot steam heated to temperatures of up to 150 degrees to quickly see off stains, moss, lichen, paint and pollution. While the temperature is high, the water pressure is gentle, which makes it suitable for a huge variety of surfaces, from walls to stone and masonry. Of course, there are other ways to remove dirt too, but you would have to dig out your ladder, a bucket of soapy water again and be prepare to put in some elbow grease.

Interested in finding out how we can simplify your life by taking care of your property’s maintenance needs? Call us today to talk through the options.