Five Ways Professional MC Property Maintenance Can Save You Money This Winter

As we all watch the pennies this winter, it may be tempting to cut back on property maintenance tasks. But this is usually a false economy. Small issues that are left unaddressed can quickly spiral into larger, more costly jobs. Take gutters, which can easily become clogged over the winter leading to poor drainage and potential damage to roofs. By clearing them regularly you can rest assured you are not storing up unnecessary problems for yourself.

A professional property maintenance company such as MC Property Maintenance can easily deal with tasks like this for you, ultimately saving you money. And that’s just one example. Here we look at five reasons to use an experienced maintenance company for your business.

Nip any problems in the bud early.

Whether it’s responding to an issue reported by a tenant or carrying out annual inspections of chimneys, MC Property Maintenance has the skills and expertise needed to sort problems before they become a problem for you. Many of our services are preventative; installing spikes to stop birds from landing on and damaging roofs, for instance, or using our fleet of cherry-pickers to clear overgrown gutters on even the highest block of flats. This means you never need to worry about the condition of your property.

Mend, don’t spend

No one wants the headache of an unexpected bill, especially in these precarious times. One of the most effective ways to reduce the likelihood of being hit by a costly expense at your property is through regular servicing and maintenance. Roofs are one such example, and here at MC Property Maintenance we can conduct roof surveys throughout the South East. The cost of replacing a tile is usually less than £100. Yet a broken tile that leads to a leak could result in repairs that run into the thousands. So it makes sense to keep an eye on the condition of a property and carry out small repairs in a timely manner.

Easily meet your obligations as a landlord

There are various duties you are responsible for as a landlord, from updating paintwork to cleaning communal areas. MC Property Maintenance can take care of these tasks on your behalf, saving you time and inconvenience. Buildings in busy urban areas can quickly become grey and discoloured yet this is easily remedied by a deep steam cleaning. Able to reach temperatures of up to 150°C, our DOFF cleaning system makes light work of stains, moss and lichen, graffiti, paint and pollution, leaving exteriors almost as good as new. Meanwhile, refreshing paintwork and interiors inside your property will keep it fresh and appealing for your clients.

Kerb appeal

It can be a full-time job to keep on top of clearing moss, cleaning brickwork and polishing windows, painting and decorating, especially in larger commercial buildings. Yet these are tasks that shouldn’t be overlooked. Every landlord knows the importance of ‘kerb appeal’ in attracting and retaining tenants and, of course, when you come to sell the property. By having access to a reliable team of experienced tradespeople, MC Property Maintenance company can easily stay on top of these time-consuming tasks, leaving you to get on with managing your property portfolio.

Keep communal facilities shipshape

Winter is a tough time of year for gardens. Trees can be blown down, leaves pile up on paths and grass can often become boggy. Many of these jobs are best tackled by professionals who have access to the correct equipment and can handle tasks such as tree removal or the  cleaning of patios, pathways and other surfaces quickly and efficiently.

MC Property Maintenance are a leader provider of professional maintenance and high-access services across the South East. Call us today to discuss your requirements and obtain a competitive quote.