Historic home property maintenance for winter

Historic buildings provide meaningful connections to the past and we must take great care to preserve them in as much of their original state as possible. They bring joy through the character they add to their streets and environments, and for some, they are a place they can call home or spend the working week.

While they are built to last, when the winter rolls around, historic homes can be vulnerable to the harsh weather the season brings. However, there are property maintenance projects that can help your period property survive the winter.

Chimney clearance

If you rely on your fireplace for warmth then it will see plenty of action throughout the winter. That can lead to a build-up of soot deposits as well as a thick, tar-like residue known as creosote. This build-up can increase the risk of a fire breaking out in the chimney flue, potentially spreading to other parts of the house.

Heavy storms can also damage your chimney, making them less waterproof and leading to damp issues such as mould, wood rot and a tilted chimney. Following particularly heavy storms it’s important to check the state of your chimney. Consider a high level access platform for chimney flue maintenance and a closer inspection of your chimney’s brickwork and cap to identify any work required.

Roof protection and maintenance

Winter weather is often unpleasant with rain, frost, snow and storms all wreaking havoc on our daily routines. These weather issues also cause concern for historic homeowners and managers as our buildings suffer leaks and storm damage.

With roof tiles being swept aside by strong winds, the threat of leaks increases in the aftermath of a storm. But just like your chimney, spotting where roof tiles are misplaced or missing can be difficult from the ground and a high access platform offers a better vantage point.

Blocked gutters are another winter concern in historic homes and if neglected they can cause water damage to walls, roofs and foundations. Our gutter cleaning service ensures that any blockages are dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Period window cleaning and access

One of the most important visual aspects of a historic building is its period windows but they can often be tricky to maintain. As your home’s windows get beaten by the rain, swiped by tree branches and the rain tests their waterproof seals, it’s important to give them the attention they require.

From making sure they are clean on the outside to touching up their appearance with painting and decorating services, it’s important that we don’t overlook any period home maintenance task for continuous upkeep. From ground-floor windows to dormer windows tucked away in hard-to-reach places, each poses its challenges that require access from high to low.

Cleaning historic brickwork

Many historic homeowners are hesitant to clean the brickwork and masonry of their period properties in case they cause irreparable damage. But moss, mud and sludge can build up on historic buildings over time, particularly when hit with winter winds and the rains they carry.

Fortunately, our DOFF Steam Cleaning System is a gentle process that uses steam at a high temperature but low pressure to ensure there are no thermal shock or deep saturation issues that other forms of cleaning cannot guarantee. For the safe removal of stains, moss, pollution and even graffiti, DOFF Cleaning is ideal for New Year cleaning or for smartening up your home before the festivities kick off.

MC Property Maintenance can help look after your historic home

We offer a comprehensive historic property maintenance and conservation service that ensures your period home is well looked after. For your high level cleaning and maintenance needs, we provide self-hire and operated hire for your convenience. If you would like to know more about our high access platform hire and services, contact a friendly member of our team.