Property maintenance tasks to prepare for autumn

Autumn is fast approaching and while we can hold out hope for an Indian summer, it’s best to prepare for the regular season. That means welcoming long spells of rain, falling leaves and a chill beginning to descend upon us all.

It’s also the perfect time to layer up with jumpers and cardigans, switch the central heating back on and sit by the fire as the evenings get longer. Follow this autumn property maintenance checklist to make sure your home is ready for what is many people’s favourite season.

Gutter cleaning

Autumn is closely associated with the leaves falling from the trees, hence why they call it ‘fall’ in the United States. Brown and amber leaves litter the ground and just about anything that happens to be underneath the branches of a tree.

While pretty, these fallen leaves can cause issues by clogging drains and gutters. Clogged guttering can cause water to pool and eventually overflow, seeping into the building. This is true for homes and commercial properties and it’s an essential job to consider as autumn approaches. We provide high-level gutter cleaning services to ensure that this is not a problem that you will face, either at home or at work.

Roof repairs

As the rain begins to pour down more regularly, we rely on our roofs to keep us dry much more in the autumn than in the summer. For that reason, it’s important to inspect your roof for any damage. However, the trouble is getting up there to have a good look around.

An unknown hole in your roof could cause water to pour through and pool inside, causing significant damage that will be costly to repair. Fortunately, we provide a roof survey service that comes equipped with our experienced high-access platform operators. We can complete in-depth roof surveys, highlighting any problem areas that need attention.

Sealing windows and doors

With the cost of heating and energy being exceptionally high, it’s important to avoid wasting your precious resources due to poorly insulated windows and doors. Draughts running through your home reduce the efficiency of your heating system, so it’s important to seal those windows and doors properly.

Our high-level access platforms are available for hire so you can ensure that all the windows and doors of your property are inspected and sealed. Or, if you would rather someone else were in charge of the cherry picker, our operated platforms for hire come with skilled operators to ensure you get as close to your windows as possible in a safe manner.

Service your fireplace and chimney

As the nights become longer and colder, it’s important to be warm and cosy at home. That’s where a fireplace comes into its own. There’s no substitute for the relaxing glow and warmth of a log fire.

However, before using your chimney after a period of inactivity, it’s important to inspect your chimney flue for any obstructions. Our chimney flue maintenance service can ensure the smooth running of your fireplace as the weather begins to turn to allow you to enjoy it through the autumn and winter.

Trim tree branches away from home

During the autumn and winter, we are more likely to experience strong winds and stormy weather. That can cause tree branches to sway violently in the wind, putting anything nearby in danger.

There is also a significant risk that branches will snap off and fall to the ground, impacting anything or anyone below.

Overhanging tree branches are a danger and they must be maintained to protect the people and properties nearby. We provide tree surgeon cherry picker hire for quick and easy access for tree surgeons in residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Choose MC Property Maintenance for autumnal work

If you have any high-level property maintenance tasks that need doing, MC Property Maintenance is here to help. From cherry picker hire to gutter cleaning and roof surveys, we have autumn covered.

We can also assist with a range of other maintenance tasks such as DOFF steam cleaning and painting and decorating services. Get in touch with a member of our dedicated team for enquiries and a no-obligation quote.