Which type of cherry picker should you hire?

Cherry pickers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and abilities. Here at MC Property Maintenance, we provide cherry picker hire across London and the South East of England for daily, weekly and monthly hire. With a wide range of cherry pickers available, let’s discover which type you should hire for your property maintenance and high-level access needs.

What is a cherry picker?

A cherry picker is a high-level platform that provides temporary access to hard-to-reach places. It is commonly required to give people or equipment access to places of height or an area otherwise inaccessible due to the layout of a building or the surrounding structures.

Sometimes known as mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), cherry pickers commonly come with a bucket or platform that is elevated by a hydraulic lifting system. Initially, cherry pickers were used for picking fruits, hence the name, but nowadays this machinery is essential for property maintenance, construction jobs and picking stock.

Determining height and reach

One of the first considerations you must make when choosing a cherry picker for hire is its height and reach. A cherry picker’s ‘height’ determines its maximum working height, for example, our Palfinger 480 has a working height of 48.0 metres.

While ‘reach’ is the limit a cherry picker can extend horizontally with a basket attached. Our CRA Traccess 230, for example, has a working reach of 12.0 metres and a working height of 23.0 metres.

Underestimating the required measurements could mean you are unable to complete your job at hand. We measure our cherry picker heights from the ground while incorporating the average height of a person. The reach of our cherry pickers is measured using the width of the bucket plus the average height of a person.

How to use a cherry picker indoors

Whether you are working outside or in, there are a variety of cherry pickers that suit all situations. If a cherry picker is to be operated indoors, the most important requirement is that proper ventilation is provided. A diesel-operated cherry picker will require ventilation, however, an electric one is much safer in this environment.

Additionally, if you are to bring a cherry picker inside you must consider the gap the machinery can fit through. Once inside, is there also enough space to manoeuvre the vehicle? When searching for an indoor cherry picker, filter your search by fuel type, size and turning radius.

What do you need for outdoor cherry picker use?

An indoor environment is better controlled, which is why, when choosing a cherry picker for outdoor use, ground quality and overhead space are the most important considerations. It’s impossible to guarantee perfect conditions outdoors, so if the ground is boggy or sloped then a cherry picker with an outrigger or suitable gradient stability is essential.

Additionally, overhead obstructions such as cables or branches may require a different type of handler or boom movement. If you have an awkward outdoor space to work in, our experts are on hand to advise you on the best cherry picker for your needs.

Self-hire vs operated hire

Self-hire and operated hire cherry pickers are available in a range of models, perfect for the job you have at hand. Self-hire cherry pickers are delivered by us to where you need them without the need for an operator.

Once we deliver the self-hire cherry picker, we will help you to familiarise yourself with the equipment until you feel confident using it. Typically, this service is for those in warehouse and construction jobs who commonly operate a self-hire machine.

Operated hire, on the other hand, comes equipped with one of our skilled workers who will handle the cherry picker for you. This allows us to use our years of experience to ensure that your domestic, residential, construction or industrial task is expertly completed. Operated hire comes with peace of mind that a skilled operator is available for cleaning, surveying, maintenance or installation work.

Hire a cherry picker for your project

We provide cherry pickers for hire in a variety of types, heights and reaches. If you are unsure which cherry picker is the one for you, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the MC Property Maintenance team. With years of experience working across the South East, we are perfectly placed to assist you with your cherry picker and property maintenance needs.