What is high-level property maintenance?

Looking after our homes and properties can often feel like a chore but it is necessary to protect where you live and work from damage. Most of us can maintain and repair parts of our home close to the ground but beyond the reach of a ladder, we’re going to struggle.

From keeping the building looking sharp to preventing flood damage or keeping unwanted pests at bay, high-level maintenance comes in various forms. Let’s take a look at the ways high-level property maintenance can make your home look its best and how we can make it happen.

Gutter cleaning

The benefit of cleaning your guttering is more than cosmetic. They play a significant role in the drainage of your property but that typically only becomes clear once they become clogged or blocked.

Effective gutter drainage ensures that rainwater flows away from your house. If clogged, your gutters can attract nesting birds, create stains on your walls from overflowing drains and even cause interior damage if a leak springs in the wrong place.

Our cherry pickers operate at a maximum of 48 metres, which is perfect for gutter cleaning of most residential and commercial properties. They give you the ability to remove leaves and dirt from your gutters so the rainwater can flow safely away from your home and into a drain.

General roof surveys and maintenance

The problem with checking your roof for damage, say after a storm or heavy rain, is that it’s so high up that you just can’t see enough from the ground. Our high-access equipment hire allows you to inspect any damage on your roof from a better vantage point or give a surveyor a closer look.

Typical roof maintenance that may require a cherry picker includes tile repair and replacement, repointing work or repairing chimney breasts. We can assist you with your roof survey needs thanks to the variety of equipment we have for hire. From small cherry pickers that give you a better view to equipment hire that allows access in restricted spaces or that offers additional height and reach, we have you covered.

DOFF steam cleaning

Property maintenance is important for functional purposes but it’s also essential that we maintain the way our homes and buildings look too. From removing unsightly stains, moss and biological spores to safely taking graffiti from buildings without damaging the masonry underneath, our DOFF steam cleaning is the ideal solution.

We can provide high-level cleaning for various industries, to freshen up the exterior of an office, home or historic building. Our DOFF cleaning system uses high-temperature steam and an adjustable nozzle to provide a low-pressure stream that is gentle and uses minimal water.

With minimal pressure applied, walls and surfaces do not suffer from any pressure damage, thermal shock or water seeping into crevices. The steam dries within a matter of minutes, ensuring that delicate materials are protected. Grime and dirt can appear at any level on a building, for example near guttering, so our high-level DOFF cleaning ensures that your property gets a facelift, even in hard-to-reach places.

Providing access for tree surgeons

Having a tree near your home can help to make it look quaint and quintessentially British but there are some safety concerns when the wind begins to blow. From branches tapping at your windows and walls to the risk of falling debris from overhanging limbs, it’s important to ensure that our homes are protected from trees.

Our cherry picker hire is perfect for giving tree surgeons access to difficult to reach branches or even some of the tallest trees that would otherwise be out of reach. By maintaining the high-level branches of trees in close proximity to your home, you no longer have to fear irreparable damage anytime the wind picks up.

High-level cleaning and repairs with MC Property Maintenance

Here at MC Property Maintenance, we provide operated and self-operated cherry picker hire to ensure no job is too big for your home or building. Our expert team can assist you with your home maintenance needs, either by finding the perfect cherry picker for you or through our extensive on-site services.

It’s not just property where our services can make a difference. We also provide cherry picker hire to tree surgeons, media companies, sporting events and festivals for a variety of events and necessities. If you would like to find out more about cherry picker hire, contact a member of our team today.