The best ways to deter birds and pests from moving into your home

There is a reason why pests have earned the name ‘pest’ and it’s not because people love having them around. Our homes are meant to be places of sanctuary from the world but sometimes the outside invites itself in.

We are, of course, talking about birds, bugs and general pests that make themselves unwelcome guests in houses and properties around the country. But all hope is not lost when it comes to pests, thanks to these useful tips.

Insect screens

People with a particular disliking for insects have created a useful solution to their aversion to creepy crawlies. Insect screens can be placed over any windows or doors, allowing them to remain open in warmer months to let the air in but keep insects out. They are a semi-permanent solution, using either velcro or magnets to affix netting across windows.

Flyscreens are also great for preventing anything from getting inside as you open your door. This allows for the air to flow around your house while avoiding the inevitable fly or mosquito hunting that begins when you turn the lights on.

Disposing of rubbish properly

Waste is often the main reason why pests and bugs find their way onto our properties so we must dispose of it the right way. Throwing it away only moves the problem from inside the house to outside, and that often means our wheelie bins. Commonly stored in the garden, it’s important that outdoor waste storage has a tight-fitting lid and is cleaned regularly to prevent easy access for pests.

Small insects and rodents have better senses of smell than we do, and they are quite capable of hunting down food using their noses or antennae. For that reason, it’s best to leave your outdoor bins as far away from your home as possible so that any pests they attract are not then tempted to venture into your home.

Any spills inside these bins are like a beacon for pests, and the smellier they get, the more likely they are to be attracted. Rinsing out any food packaging, such as recyclables, allows them to be disposed of properly by the council but they also reduce any food from rotting and inviting bugs along.

Our DOFF steam cleaning service removes grime and dirt from most services, leaving them shiny and clean while removing any harmful spores. It can make light work of stains, graffiti, moss and pollution, restoring your surfaces to their original condition.

Bird nest prevention

If a bird has begun nesting in or on your home then it is already too late to remove them from the property. Nesting birds are protected by the law, and it is an offence to take, damage or destroy their home while it is in use or being built. The good news is that there are ways to prevent birds from nesting in the future.

It’s possible to seal up any would-be nests in the roof or eaves of your home or install anti-bird wire which prevents them from landing. Ensure that before you do any sealing of a potential bird roosting spot, you check it is empty inside.

Sealing up their only entry point will trap the birds, causing them to look for a new way out or they may never escape. Check at regular intervals that no birds are using the hole and use wire mesh when initially sealing it up. This transparent shield will show you whether there are any birds still inside and only when there is no doubt that there are birds inside should you totally seal off a gap.

If you are uncomfortable with the nesting birds on your property you could try creating an artificial nest box to see if they jump ship. Place this as close to the original nest as possible and wait to see if the parents move their young inside.

Here at MC Property Maintenance, we have got you covered for bird nest prevention. From specially designed spikes to cherry picker hire to seal any holes or gaps, our solutions will leave you bird free.

Regular cleaning

A clean and tidy home is less likely to attract pests like mice or rats than a dirty one. Especially when it comes to food waste. Small rodents and insects are often on the hunt for food debris, so ensuring they don’t have a free and easy food source through regular cleaning is a must.

Simple actions such as wiping up spills, throwing away uneaten pet food and cleaning surfaces act as a preventative rather than a deterrent. Our carpets are also hosts for various bacteria and mites so giving them a frequent once-over with the vacuum cleaner ensures they are removed before you even notice they are there.

Strong smells keep spiders at bay

Spiders are a common insect pest in the home that few people want to tolerate, even if they do a good job of eating flies and other bugs we also don’t like. They commonly move into our homes during colder months, but did you know that spiders don’t like strong scents?

Peppermint essential oil is one such scent and it can be sprayed around the home by mixing between 15-20 drops of the oil with water in a bottle. Simply attach a spray nozzle to the bottle and you will find your home is no longer a haven for spiders. Alternative scents that work include cinnamon, lavender and tea tree.

Pest control with MC Property Maintenance

Here at MC Property Maintenance our bird prevention and DOFF steam cleaning services help you keep the pests at bay. We also offer operated platforms for hire to grant you access to those hard-to-reach places around your home or property. If you would like to hire a cherry picker to help you with a job then do not hesitate to get in touch.